Miners Reach

Miners reach is a newly established town. There are only a few completed buildings. The town was only founded a few months ago and has been set up to handle expected minerals coming from the mines that were in operation when the Island was still a functioning nation state.

Buildings of Note:
The Town Hall is the only stone building and sits at the center of the town. It is run by Narder Dyley, the storm giants’ representative in Miners Reach and her assistant Atrix Inkthumb

The Deep Shaft is the only inn in town. It operates as a bunkhouse for newcomers while housing is being build as well as the only place one can find a long cold drink at the end of the day. The Shaft is run by one of few dwarves in town, Arion Deepkeg.

Lucious’ Provisions is a new store in town that was set up to assist with the mining and exploration. Lucious Longbeard (Cousin to Arion Deepkeg) sells mining and adventuring supplies to anyone who wishes to help retake the mines or explore the valley. He also has buyers set up for minerals from mines when they begin operation. Known as a shrewd businessman he recently convinced an Elf and Tiefling that the 50 pounds of nexus shards they were carrying were nothing but worthless quartz and was told to keep the lot for free when they stormed out.

The Sawmill is the heart of the current logging operation and is steadily churning out lumber for use in the construction of the town.

The Trusty Hammer the local smithy and is located near the Inn. The smith, Rory Stronghammer, is kept busy keeping horses shod and making construction materials, though he does have some simple weapons on sale he is willing to take on special projects.

The Carpentry Shop is run by Kyle Carpenter and his apprentice sons. They are in charge of much of the towns construction and oversee the numerous labourers and their builds.

Miners Reach

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