The Spell Forge

Session 9 - The Diamond Mine

The heroes spent a week in Miners reach waiting for Narder Dyley to come back to them with information from Ral’Kor.
When she finally did it was with a propersition to send one of the adventurers to the nearby town of Leonia to meet another gem-bound who Ral’Kor had requested come to Miners Reach to act as a guide for the new gembound.
Erin left with a caravan to meet their new companion.

As they were eating breakfast at the Depp Shaft the heroes heard a commotion outside near the townhall. When they went to investigate they discovered two miners. One o them severely injured, who had come from the encampment at the diamond mine 20 miles to the north.

Shandaar healed the injured mans wounds but the man failed to regain consciousness.Even Shandar’s mighty healing abilities were unable to regrow the unfortunate mans right arm). The other miner, A’a’ron, explained that his brother B’la’keh had been scouting the mine with a small group when they were attacked. B’la’keh was the only survivor and somehow managed to crawl out of the mine before passing out.

The heroes took up the challenge and travelled to the mine with A’a’ron. The first sections of the mine were very well crafted and chiseled. They had already been cleared out and started to be stocked with supplies by the would-be miners. At the end of the living/stock section there was a large set of very solid looking bronze door, which were partially open with a blood trail coming out.

When Delecarn peeked through the doors he noted that there were 20-odd strange creatures mining the diamonds. The heroes readied themselves and attacked with ranged spells and arrows throgh the now open doors. The creatures (now identified as trodlodytes) made no moves against the heroes. In fact apart from the ones who died the troglodytes showed no signs of changing behaviour at all. They contined mining as if nothing had happened.

Feeling soomething suspicious was going on, Shandar advised against a continued assault.
Thorn proceeded out into the main cave and was immediately attacked by two minotaurs who had been waiting in hiding since the start of the fight (read: slaughter). In the ensueing battle Thorn was knocked out but promptly healed by Shandar, before the mintaurs were dispatched.

Delecarn decided to take a mintaur horn as a trophy. Nyvane took offence to this act of horn desecration (due to her herself having horns) and refused to take a horn. Thorn and Shandar both took minotaur horns as trophies as well.

The Troglodytes, still showning no signs of independant thoughy, continued mining like nothing had happened.
While exploring the mines thet heroes discovered and killed one more minotaur, though not without casualties (Shandar was knocked out by the minotaur) and came across a Mind Flayer. Rather than fight the creature while low on both health and resources the heroes returned to the outside encampment, bringing the bodies of the other slain miners.

After a nights rest the heroes returned to the mine with the purpose of removing the Mind Flayers foul presence from the mine. While sneaking up on the abberation, Nyvane kicked a stone and altered it, thus losing the element of suprise. However, both Delecarn and Shandar were prepared for the Tieflings blunders and unleashed an assault of fire and arrows that heavly wounded the vile illithid in the opening salvo. The Mind Flayer returned with a mind blast that rendered Nyvane stunned but Shandar Managed to shake off.
The heroes managed to dispatch the Mind Flayer with only Nyvane going down. As the last blow fell the Mind Flayers control over the troglodytes vanished and the previously enslaved creatures fled down a long tunnel into Underdark.

The heroes searched the room where the troglodytes had been taking the diamonds and discovered a stash of 17 diamonds.
They heroes returned to the surface with news that the mine had been cleared, Shandar did some more prosetylising and then thr troupe headed back to town.

For the next week while waiting for Erins return with their mysterious new companion the heroes will perform the following:

Thorn – will work with the foresters and scouts, training himself to find and track in the forests and learning about the creatures of this world
Delecarn – Will return to the mines to help in any way he can (and also to aquire as many diamonds as he can)
Nyvane – after failing to convince the smith that she could help at the forge, has decided to make herself useful with the contruction effort, ingratiating herself with the colonists.
Shandar- will also help out around town, providing healing ser clerical services while at the same time preaching the word of Bahamet. B’la’keh has agreed to help Shandar as thanks for saving his life and seems genuinly interested in hearing about how Bahamet can improve his life.



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