The Spell Forge

Report for Narder Dyley

Session 11- The Gembound Strike Back

Bahamut’s light be upon you, Narder Dyley.

I write this as we sit here at camp and are recovering from the trials of the day. As we had been tasked we investigated the situation and I believe this merits intervention from Ral’Kor.
But lets start from the beginning.

Some miles from the foot of the ascent, our camp was ambushed by a group of foolhardy kobolds- They took issue with me due to my heritage, and attacked me immediately, causing my group to have to intervene. As a result, we had no opportunity to gain information from them, beyond the fact that metallic dragonborn are clearly not a welcome race.

At the foot of the plateau we could see several figures, namely a black dragonborn ranger- I will refer to him as the Ranger- and several Kobold minions. I hung back while Thorn ventured forth to gain some information- sadly this soon turned violent as Thorn quickly proved himself more suited to sword and bow rather than tongue. It seemed as though he was intrigued by these gems we were bound with- Gembound is a phrase of much significance here, I must confess I am still unaware of the trials thes Gembound have to go through. When the Ranger’s kobolds jumped Thorn, we immediately intervened. The Ranger proved qutie the opponent, and after an impressive Fireball from Nyvane he was soon beating a hasty retreat, though not without some casualties on our side. Thankfully, our earlier trial in the Diamond mines equipped me with the components necessary to revive our fallen companion. The Ranger had set some magical trap to cut off our chase, so we elected to pursue later.

Several hours later we began the ascent up to the Nexus. Nearing the top, passing the expired traps of our adversary, we came upon a bulwark filled with kobolds. Thorn and Delecarn charged in ahead, and we made short werk of the bulwaaaark.

At the top of the plateau things seemed relatively unchanged, none of the ruins had been restored. Near the mouth of the cave, we could see some lizard folk seemingly loading a wagon- Nearby was another black dragonborn, this one I will name Shield. He was imposing, decked in full plate and holding an impressive shield and sword. He was, I assume, supervising the work of the lizardmen, who aren’t renowned for their manual labour (unless it is hunting). As Thorn and I tried to get a closer look from a higher vantage point, Nyvane and Delecarn struck out at Shield, staggering him impressively. I know not why they started the fight. I am no student of war, and I assume they had just been spotted as nobody could err so much as to start a battle outnumbered and with little knowledge of the enemy.

Several more dragonborn entered the fray, Ranger from earlier, a mage who seemed to be a sorcerer much like Nyvane, an impressive Gembound who seemed to be their leader, and notably from my standpoint, a cleric of Tiamat. This Wrymkeeper, and the gembound, managed to dispel and counter much of our magics, and seeing we were outnumbered, we decided discretion was the better part of valour and retreated, taking out a few lizardmen on the way. The dragonborn five seemed intent on capturing Thorn, but thankfully the group held together and we all managed to escape. They did not chase us down the road, so they cannot directly follow us to town.

Of the griffin soldiers we saw no sign, but we can assume this hostile force is behind their disappearance. We were unable to determine the nature of their occupation, whether they seek to restore the portal for their own use or retrieve some forgotten artefact, I know not. However, given the nature of these occupiers, I feel it is best to rally some forces to oust these dragonborn five. Clerics of Tiamat, also known as Wyrmkeepers, are not neighbours a growing town can tolerate. Obvious clerical differences aside, the fact remains that a cleric of Tiamat’s primary goal is the acquisition of treasure to sacrifice to the dark queen, and sowing chaos among the good people of this land.

Given the nature of our findeings, I must ask that we secure a small cache of diamonds in town should we need them for any potential victims. Also, we need to find a healer or alchemist to brew potions and other healing supplies. I myself have acquired some herbs along my travels, but I do not yet have the skills required to safely create anything beyond a foul concotion.

It is my suggestion that we inform Ralkor as soon as possible, and burn out this infection before it spreads across the land.

Through the fire and the flames, we carry on.

Shandarr Brightflame



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